Regina Doi, born in Tokyo, Japan is a painter and sculptor. Her fine art is influenced by her Eurasian heritage.

Born from a long line of artists, horsewomen and horsemen from Hiroshima and Prague, and living in Japan and Saratoga (racehorse country), NY from the mid 70’s until 2013, Regina, a self-acknowledged “half-breed” blends the “Eastern” cultural influences in her art – those of movement and simplified space – with the Western influences of materials and technique- to better communicate with and be understood by both of her cultures.

Her subject has been primarily the horse and the human, but now having recently moved to the Alabama Gulf Coast,  Regina is expanding her love of animal movements and spirits to include the relationships of animals of the sea and air with people.

Regina’s work  is displayed in both public and private collections and  installations throughout the U.S. and the world, including Saratoga, Manhattan, East Hampton, NY,  San Francisco, Austin TX, & Tokyo and Osaka Japan, Dubai and Brunei.

Today, Regina paints, sculpts and plays with her horses, puppies and her painter husband, Benno Kollegger at their studio farm on Heron Bayou, Mon Louis Island, Alabama.

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